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A big ocean to clean

We believe that big things usually have an origin in small beginnings. And from that honesty and discretion, the MUCHA TELA Project has been forging with small steps. In Les Créations de la Maison, we are fabric editors; we work with fabric design for the decoration sector and, even though we are not manufacturers and we work mainly with natural cotton and linens, we have decided to be aware of the need to preserve the planet, and specifically, the sea.

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We understand that brands must get involved in social or environmental actions. Helping with the waste cleaning of our coasts is the way to compensate the use of resources and to take action in palliating the possible deterioration caused by the amount of garbage generated by the human being.

Where many saw the opportunity to contribute in cleaning the ocean as an impossible cause because of its magnitude, we saw an opportunity to be part of a project that will need of, not many, but small infinite efforts. As María Celma has explained this year about the “Clean Ocean Tenerife” movement: The solution comes from cleaning and/or picking up garbage in our coasts and beaches as part of our routine and not as a one-day action.



Microplastics are tiny particles, of less than 5 millimeters, that have extended like a plague along the entire ocean. This residue that arrives to the coast could have years of being in the ocean and travel thousands of kilometers before ending up dragged by the currents and be left stranded on the beaches or, becoming part of our organism through the food we eat.

STARTING POINT Playa Grande in Tenerife

This second edition of the #MuchaTelaProject has taken us to collaborate in cleaning the beaches of Tenerife. The root of it all was thanks to a video which truly froze our blood; it was a self-made video on Playa Grande in Tenerife that María Celma made viral (“Clean Ocean” movement). In it, the beach can be viewed completely infested with microplastics. This is the reason why, when we had to choose where to focus our energy, the decision was unanimous: we are heading out to Tenerife. Thus, we will organize 3 ground cleaning and underwater expeditions in the beaches of Tenerife, particularly of Playa Grande and others where the current expresses a critical intervention.



The #MuchaTelaProject is born because we feel in debt with our planet. This is why we persist in our effort to get deeply involved with this severe environmental problem. We are very conscious about the fact that plastic microparticles not only irredeemably contaminate our oceans and placidly coexist as part of our coast’s landscapes, but they have also ended up being part of our organism. Les Créations de la Maison hopes, with this contribution, to provide a bit of light to this serious environmental problem. Furthermore, as the family-owned Barcelona business that we are, we believe it is important to be supportive by providing nationwide actions, because, as we have been able to witness, there is no need to go further to realize that we have the problem right here, in our Spanish coasts and beaches.


Volunteer human team

It is a non lucrative organization founded in 2011 in Canarias. It is made up of a team of diving volunteers and other committed people who help with the ground cleaning activities. These people began to take action due to their concerns for the environment with special interest in Tenerife’s marine contamination.

A reliable partner

We put ourselves in the hands of ECOMAR Foundation, an organization with many years of expertise in the ground. ECOMAR is currently managed by Teresa Zabell, and their main goal is to raise awareness among the youngest population, guiding them to care and to respect our seas and oceans as well as the marine wildlife.

Transform plastic into fabric

How to recycle those pounds and pounds of plastic garbage into something useful and consequently to close the circle of this social project? ECOALF is the answer to the question, because as they use to say, “there is no planet B”. The Spanish company of recycled fabrics from plastics counts with the B Corp TM certification.


"We are becoming plastic"

The efforts from the #MuchaTelaProject, besides operating with specific cleaning actions, are to generate awareness about the plastic problem, and to invite others to consume responsibly. Thus, this year we have firmly taken the decision to get involved in a solidary and photographic project, in collaboration with the creative director, Pepi de Boissieu. It is about a photographic series called We are becoming plastic.

This session invites us to think about the way we have integrated microplastics in our lives, and it encourages us to incorporate the self-discipline of cleaning our coasts and beaches to our daily routine, in order to solve this serious problem.


Diffusion of the “WE ARE BECOMING PLASTIC” photographic series and 3 microplastic cleaning expeditions at the beaches of Tenerife.

With the goal of bringing awareness to people about the reality surrounding us, we intend to promote through land, sea, air and social media, the photographic series developed by the creative director, Pepi de Boissieu and, by doing so, shake others’ consciousness and invite them to reflect. The goal is for people to ask themselves: What can I do to stop this environmental disaster? Do I consume plastic responsibly? Am I aware that we are becoming plastic as well? On the other hand, in this new edition of the 2019 #MuchaTelaProject we have 3 busy visits planned throughout May, June and July in Tenerife’s waters. From Les Créations de la Maison we will support a crowded group of professional divers with all the necessary diving equipment and the civil liability insurance in place, for them to go to the seabed and clean all types of residue accumulated in our ocean’s water.
If you wish to have more updated information, do not hesitate to contact us through social media, where we will always be keeping you posted about our cleaning expeditions.